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These are our past "Featured Sites of the Week"

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4-23-2000    Kitchen Link  An outstanding site devoted to food, cooking, recipes, and most kitchen things.  Very well done site includes message boards, recipes, helpful hints, a newsletter and links to 10,000 other food sites.  Don't miss this one!

4-30-2000   Granny's Kitchen  A great site created by someone who obviously likes to cook!  Dedicated to her grandmother, there are a lot of good home cookin' ideas, recipes, and links to other sites.  Be prepared to spend some time when you visit!

5-7-2000   Flora's Hideout  You've got to love a site with over 200 recipes just for cheesecakes!  But don't overlook the 1,400 other recipes you'll find there, along with a recipe exchange, drink recipes, a kitchen, and a bunch of other goodies!

5-14-2000  Heavenly Cookies  Nice site, with a new cookie recipe every week.  But I really liked the extensive collection of cooking "Tips and Tricks."  That by itself makes this site worth a visit.  But don't overlook the "Substitutions" either!

5-21-2000  CASI  Chili Appreciation Society International
This Texas web site features cookoffs, championship chili recipes, photos and other fun stuff.  Best of all, this non-profit organization raises money for chairty - $1,000,000 last year!

5-28-2000    Joy of Baking Stephanie has done a great job!  Make sure you take a look at "About the Editor" and the Introduction.  This is obviously someone who takes baking very seriously!  And by the way, all recipes are hand picked and hand tested.

6-4-2000    Riva's Resturante Judy has put together a good variety of recipes, including how to make crepes and even International coffee!  Judy likes Elvis, Roy Rogers, Cinn. Reds and trips to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio.    Stop by & visit!

6-11-2000  At Home with Patricia Wells  If you like food, you will like this site!  Ms. Wells does reviews for the International Herald Tribune, and is the only foreigner to be a restaurant critic in a French publication (L'Express).  Besides her insights to French restaurants, be sure to check out her cooking classes!

6-18-2000  Fat Free Recipes  Michelle has a great recipe archive! Over 4,000 low fat recipes.  Many of the recipes are for vegetarians.  And they all look good!  Can you believe low fat chocolate macaroons too?  Drop by!

6-25 & 7-2 2000  Bread  We first took a look at Quick Bread recipes - all 289 of them.  Then we found their main site at  Wow!  Thousands of recipes, special diets, International foods, recipe exchange, Hints & Tips, free newsletter, etc.   You won't want to miss this one!

7-9-2000  Coffee Times  We were looking for a good coffee site, and found this one, from Hawaii.  Besides coffee, they also provide a virtual tour around the "Big Island," complete with local information, culture, and beautiful pictures.  Brew a cup, sit back, and enjoy the view!

7-16-2000  Bertas's Cooking  Nice site from Australia, with a lot of recipes, tips, newsletter, internal search engine, and many links to other food sites.  Check out the recipes for barbeque, low carb and Chinese!

11-12-2000  Cuisine Provencale  Cooking school in Arles, France.  Internationally known owner/chef is Erick Vedel.  Very well done web site in both English and French.  Many pages, with recipes, links and info on the local area.  Come visit!